Product Information

All the Future Fencing Solutions range is manufactured right here in the UK, using a rotary moulding method. We only use a pure MDPE polymer (medium density polyethylene) with a UV rating of 15 (the standard being only 8!). The higher UV rating ensures our products hold their colour for years with no fading.

The panels are foam filled at the manufacturing stage, this process not only produces a unique dense and robust product it can also help towards dampening sound pollution from the surrounding area. The perfect solution for creating a privacy screen for your garden.

Install using the matching-coloured anchor posts & coping stones to complete that stone wall illusion!

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No Painting

The Future Fencing Solution range require no painting making them very low maintenance.

Easy To Clean

When required then a simple wash or spray down restores the panels to their original colour.

Realistic Stone Appearance

Our fencing system gives the appearance of a real stone wall but at a fraction of the cost and build time!

No Warping

The Future Fencing Solutions range will not rot or warp over time. Tested against the good old  British weather with a 10 year manufacturers guarantee.