The story so far...

Manner Products Ltd is a family run business, based in Derbyshire. The idea of the Future Fencing Solution range was born out of us needing a new fence for ourselves!

Four years ago, we scoured the internet looking for something a little bit different to replace our battered old wooden fence.

We liked the idea of a slate wall effect, but apart from actually building a stone wall there was nothing available. Not only was the cost to build a wall considerable but building control would not allow it, as the foundations were right on the edge of a beck, so....

As we were already well established for over 25 years in the rotary moulding industry, designing and manufacturing products for clients in the Health Care, Military, Marine & Highways sectors, we decided to design and manufacture our very own unique fence system!

And so, the Lakeland Slate design part of the Future Fencing Solution range was born!

Not only did we come up with a unique fence/wall effect solution, we created a 6ft cascade waterfall feature and a 6ft self-watering planter. Both of which are designed to be incorporated into the fence itself or a stand-alone feature, allowing you to create that extra special feature in your garden. For more information click here.

Fast forward three years, our unique products are now available throughout the UK via independent and national merchants and garden centres and will soon be available to purchase via our own website. For your nearest stockist please click on the stockist tab or contact us directly, we’d love to hear from you.


No Painting

The Future Fencing Solutions range require no painting making them very low maintenance,

Easy To Clean

When required a simple wash or spray down restores the panels to their original colour.


Realistic Stone Appearance

Our fencing system gives the appearance of a real stone wall but at a fraction of the cost and build time!

No Warping

The Future Fencing Solutions range will not rot or warp over time. Tested against the good old British weather with a 10 year manufacturers guarantee.